What is AWeber:

AWeber is a bulk email software product that allows our District to send email directly to our members. Most email servers protect us from spam by limiting the number of people that we can send to at one time. AWeber is a registered service that allows us to reach all of our members at once.

Why AWeber:

In the past, information distribution has relied on Zone Chairs to notify Club Secretaries of pertinent information and then for the Secretary to determine what the majority of their members might want to see and forward that information in a timely manner.
In many cases individual members missed information that they personally would have liked to see or did not see in time to be useful.
AWeber allows the District to send information to each member directly.

How much spam?

The District leadership has directed that only the following will be sent via AWeber:

  • District and Zone Newsletters
  • District and Vice District Governor Communications
  • Restricted from use: Club Flyers/Announcements (these get posted in the District Calendar)

Perhaps other things we haven't thought of that should be sent, but you get the idea - we don't intend for this to be an easy way to spam club activities or meeting messages. We have the district calendar for you to post and see the routine stuff.

What else should I know?

Emails will indicate that they are from
You can also send comments or questions to that address.

You can opt-out at any time by <doing this>.

How do I get signed up?

Many members were automatically added, but not everyone's email address is available and some will opt-out and want to rejoin.

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