Constitution, By-Laws, and Policy Manual

The Board of Directors of Lions Clubs International approved revised Model Constitution and Bylaws (CBL) for all Lions Districts worldwide, to be effective July 1, 2016.  Many provisions included are designated as mandatory, and must be incorporated into the CBL of each District.  

District C has previously adopted Article XI, § 2, and Article IIBL, § 2, to the District C CBL.   Each includes the following provision:

Section 2. AUTOMATIC UPDATE. When amendments to the International Constitution and By-Laws are passed at the International Convention, any amendments that would have an effect on this District Constitution and By-Laws shall automatically be updated in this district constitution and bylaws at the close of the convention.

The most consequential changes to the District C CBL involve:

  • Nomination, endorsement, and election of District officers;
  • Nominating and Certification Committees are established;
  • Qualifications, duties and responsibilities of District officers are standardized;
  • Certain procedures for the District Convention are standardized;
  • A number of Exhibits are included to clarify the nominating and election procedures at District Conventions.

The Committee has taken the liberty to re-organize the District C CBL to more closely mirror the Model CBL structure while maintaining the individual provisions of the pre- existing District CBL not modified or replaced by the new Model CBL language.  The only modification has been to eliminate any reference to "sub-district" operations (contained exclusively in the new language from the Model CBL).  This liberty was taken due to the current amendments proposed (and adopted) to the MD-19 CBL to remove any such references to sub-districts, which do not exist anywhere in MD-19.

You will have the opportunity to vote on the approval of these changes at the District Convention, April 1, 2017, in Olympia. 

Read the current District 19C Constituion and By-Laws (April 1, 2017) here

See the LCI standard documents:

Standard District CBL
Standard Club CBL

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