Health Screening

Group Health Foundation in cooperation with the Northwest Lions Foundation
has provided equipment to the District 19C Lions to allow us to expand our ability to provide vision and hearing screening to our communities.

The District 19C 5' x 8' Trailer


To schedule the trailer for your event, Contact PDG Dave Risley at

Include the type of event, date, time, address, whether it's inside or outside, and anthing else that you might think we'd need to know.

Also propose a date or two prior to the event when your volunteers will be available for training.

Screening Equipment Available in the trailer

PlusOptix vision screening machinePlusOptix12c vision screening machine Micro Audiometrics audiometersaudiometer
Eye charts and illumination cabinetsEye chart in illumination cabinet on stand Depth perception test kitDepth perception test kit
Hyperopia test kithyperopia test kit LifeSource Digital Blood Pressure MonitorLifeSource Blood Pressure Monitor
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